Thursday, 16 April 2020

Long-awaited update: a lot of website designed and rejuvenated...

Oh my... I cannot believe that I did not update you more frequently! Truly, I’ve just realised that last time about my project I wrote in December 2018! Then some stuff about window blinds - also important, but again it was in 2019!

I am truly and deeply sorry, but this means that I was busy, so busy that couldn’t find a minute to update to.

So, because we have now the #lockdown, and #stayathome time, I finally have some time to write here what we have been up to last year...

We’ve issued a few email campaigns to promote the project we have done so far, and to promote local small businesses. We also issued seasonal wishes campaigns. Therefore, some of you were updated more frequently. If you wish to receive email newsletters from us, just let me know here >

 The websites – brand new and rejuvenated:

  1. We updated The Rollin Pig website. The Rollin Pig offers you catering for different kind of events and offers a wide range of services from Hog Roast and BBQ Catering through Machine Hire, Personal Chef Hire to MOBILE BAR.
  2. We're updating frequently 1st Pass Driving School website. 1st Pass Driving School has been redesigned for our local & successful automatic & manual driving instructor Robin who offers stress free driving lessons. Also at least one a month the testimonial page is updated, once we receive the review from successful pupil who passes his driving tests.
  3. The Viewbank Guest House website has been also updated: new photos, info, tariffs, links...Viewbank is situated on the Isle of Arran and offers a wide range of comfy rooms and delicious breakfast, so visit their website for details >
  4. Baltic Firewood website has recently been completely rejuvenated:
    • new shopping cart
    • customer accounts
    • design has been updated
    • new slide show
    • and many more new features.
    The shopping cart is now managed by WorldPay for the customers' convenience. To see the Baltic Firewood redesigned website click here now >
  5. Gramble Glass - Fused Glass Art website has been revamped! Graham – the artist – who creates unique glass arts, has his workshop based in Paisley; however, he cooperates with gift shops all over Scotland to sell this beautiful items – see the list of outlets on his new websites >
  6. Twisted Willow Florist website has recently been rejuvenated: updated design, new slide show, photo galleries, and more new features. Twisted Willow Florist offers astonishing wedding and gifts floral arrangements.
  7. We have recently redesigned Vincent Butler Artist website. Vincent Butler Artist based in Morayshire (Scotland) is happy to sell any of displayed painting on the website and also accepts new commissions now!
  8. And most recently, just before the lockdown we have designed a brand new website for Paul Martin who is a personal trainer in Troon: Troon Personal Training > 
    Paul is professional, qualified & insured personal trainer and has a small, fully equipped studio. He offers a wide range of bespoke training sessions, so visit his website for details >

The Rollin Pig website >

1st Pass Driving School website >

Viewbank Guest House website >

Baltic Firewood website >

Gramble Glass website >

Twisted Willow Florist website >

Vincent Butler Artist website >

Troon Personal Training website >

As some of you know we also provide the SEO services, so we work on it on daily basis.
We promote local, small business such as:

So, as you may see we were very occupied creating and developing new websites, and we are very happy about all of them.

Some #projects were not finished due to #lockdown, and maybe, just maybe, they will be continued once the pandemic is all over.

So, stay healthy, stay safe, and calm. Stay at home! I hope I will be able to update you more often.
Once more: sorry for such delay.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

We switched the roles, I was my client - client (about window blinds) - part 2

Hi folks,
As promised in the last post, today I write a bit about venetian and roller blinds fitted at my home. As you know my windows frames have changed due to windows replacement, and therefore some of the window blinds could not fit. As I wrote before Barry from VUE Window Blinds in Glasgow came to the rescue and made some tricks to make the blinds fit. He managed to fit another two: one roller blind (subtle yellow) and one venetian blind (glossy white).

Roller Blind

Aluminium Venetian  Blind

The roller blind is made from quality material with very subtle pattern. I was so happy with VUE Window Blinds services that I ordered two more window blinds for the kitchen's windows. The slats are glossy and the almond colour matches my other kitchen utensils.

I wish I can make better photos, but due to lack of the proper light and more over scaffolding erected around my building is difficult to do so. Unfortunately I am not professional photographer :(

All window blinds are quality blinds, and I was able to choose everything at home, since VUE Window Blinds in Glasgow offers Home Shop Service. So it was much easier to match the colours and styles. More over Barry advised me wisely.
Once window blinds were ready, Barry arranged the fitting. Everything went smoothly, and I cannot be more honest to truly and deeply recommend his products and services. Visit VUE Window Blinds website for more details now.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

We switched the roles, I was my client - client (about window blinds)

Hi folks, long time no see. Truly sorry about that but I was very busy. Firstly because I move from one place to another, so renovation and redecorations took place, secondly because I have been working on websites updates, new websites, redesigns, and SEO and social media services on daily basis.

So, today I want to share something probably more personal. Redecoration of my new premises took a lot of time and effort, but because I always support my clients and small local businesses I ordered some products and services from them.

Today I want to write about Barry from VUE Window Blinds in Glasgow. Yes, he is my client, and in this case the roles were switched, so I was his client. I ordered window blinds for all my windows. But today I want to write about two most important – quality, patterned vertical window blinds.

These two were fitted in master bedroom and living room. Firstly, I need to tell you that Home Shop Service is great. Barry took his all samples, so I have had a possibility to choose proper type of blinds, material, colour that matches my overall room design and patterns. I took my time; asked a lot of questions, simply because my knowledge about window blinds is limited. Barry advised me wisely.

He measured the windows, told me the price, I agreed and we proceeded. Once the blinds were ready to fit, Barry contacted me and we arranged day and time for fitting the blinds. I was very happy, since the blinds are in good quality, in proper colours and added extra stamps to these rooms.

So, I choose salmon one for bedroom and grey for living room, since the colours matches the overall designs, or colour of the walls; see photos.
I am sorry for quality of my photos, since I am not professional photographer, so because of sunny day in Scotland (! yes I know is rare !), the colours of the blinds on the photos do not reflect the real colours.

Master bedroom window blinds - patterned, quality and in salmon colour from VUE Window Blinds

Master bedroom window blinds - patterned, quality and in salmon colour from VUE Window Blinds

Master bedroom window blinds - patterned, quality and in salmon colour from VUE Window Blinds

Living room window blinds - patterned, quality and in grey colour from VUE Window Blinds

Living room window blinds - patterned, quality and in grey colour from VUE Window Blinds
Living room window blinds - patterned, quality and in grey colour from VUE Window Blinds

However, some of you know, that after wee while, my windows needed to be replaced – I truly haven’t had any influence on that, and did not know earlier. So, I start to worry: if my brand new quality blinds will fit new windows and frames? I asked politely the person who came to measure the windows and frames to match the sizes as much as possible. Unfortunately, no one listened:(

I called Barry; he came to the rescue, truly! He used all the tricks to save my blinds and my money. He skipped the clips, he cut some hooks, and the bedroom blinds is working just fine. The living room blinds needed new rail, and the same tricks. But as you may see I saved a lot and do not need to order new window blinds.

So, quality of window blinds, and quality of services are astonishing. I truly and deeply recommend VUE Window Blinds in Glasgow, not because they are my clients, but because I personally used their products and services and I cannot be happier about it. I am not surprise that Barry achieves so many nice reviews on his Facebook business page. He approaches his clients individually with all care their needs.

Visit VUE Window Blinds website, and give Barry a call.
I will show venetian and roller blinds in my next post here. So, if you are willing to change the home decor before Christmas, you know how to find proper window blinds company.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

New website, adverts, business cards and a lot more!!!

Hi folks, I am so sorry that I haven’t been here for such a long time. Forgive me, please.

I was so busy, mostly because I'm transferring all websites to a new server and applying SSL certificates. A few websites remain to be transferred, but it was and still is a time consuming process; however we are getting there;)

In September we redesigned and developed a new website for 1st Pass Driving School!
Visit this website to see all the features >

In consequence we have also #designed a few adverts – yes, we created them for social media, for printing, and the animated for festive season – all theses for 1st Pass Driving School!

We also updated a few #websites:

We designed and printed - on a high quality paper - business cards for G Cleaning Services, Henderson Kilts as well as our own business cards:

We also care about Social Media for some of our clients.

A few Email Campaigns were issued, so some of you were updated more often, please subscribe to be up to date >

We also run SEO services on daily basis for a few of our clients:

We are now preparing Christmas #EmailCampaign, so as you may see very busy lately. However, we try to update you more often in the following year.

Friday, 29 June 2018

BRAND NEW website launched! Pinnacle Business Water | Glasgow

As you may see we have been very busy lately. Most of you know from the previous post that we revamped VUE Window Blinds website, and also that we designed a brand new logo. So, some of you guessed properly that a brand new website is on its way.

So, here it is brand new website for family run, local business that provides water to the other businesses in Scotland: Pinnacle Business Water.

The website is user friendly, easy to navigate, contains a few online forms, online payment feature (connected to PayPal), and also user area, so the clients can access their files.

The server has a secure socket layer, so it is safe visit the website as well as log in. Take a look on brand new website: Pinnacle Business Water >

So, to promote brand new website as well as the recently redesigned we issued email campaign. The HTML email contains also short information about two other local businesses that we support (see below), as well as new special offer.

As you know we support local businesses such as:

So, as you may see it was a busy time, but it might be even busier soon :)