Tuesday, 4 December 2018

New website, adverts, business cards and a lot more!!!

Hi folks, I am so sorry that I haven’t been here for such a long time. Forgive me, please.

I was so busy, mostly because I'm transferring all websites to a new server and applying SSL certificates. A few websites remain to be transferred, but it was and still is a time consuming process; however we are getting there;)

In September we redesigned and developed a new website for 1st Pass Driving School!
Visit this website to see all the features >


In consequence we have also #designed a few adverts – yes, we created them for social media, for printing, and the animated for festive season – all theses for 1st Pass Driving School!

We also updated a few #websites:

We designed and printed - on a high quality paper - business cards for G Cleaning Services, Henderson Kilts as well as our own business cards:

We also care about Social Media for some of our clients.

A few Email Campaigns were issued, so some of you were updated more often, please subscribe to be up to date >




We also run SEO services on daily basis for a few of our clients:

We are now preparing Christmas #EmailCampaign, so as you may see very busy lately. However, we try to update you more often in the following year.

Friday, 29 June 2018

BRAND NEW website launched! Pinnacle Business Water | Glasgow

As you may see we have been very busy lately. Most of you know from the previous post that we revamped VUE Window Blinds website, and also that we designed a brand new logo. So, some of you guessed properly that a brand new website is on its way.

So, here it is brand new website for family run, local business that provides water to the other businesses in Scotland: Pinnacle Business Water.

The website is user friendly, easy to navigate, contains a few online forms, online payment feature (connected to PayPal), and also user area, so the clients can access their files.

The server has a secure socket layer, so it is safe visit the website as well as log in. Take a look on brand new website: Pinnacle Business Water >

So, to promote brand new website as well as the recently redesigned we issued email campaign. The HTML email contains also short information about two other local businesses that we support (see below), as well as new special offer.

As you know we support local businesses such as:

So, as you may see it was a busy time, but it might be even busier soon :)

Friday, 18 May 2018

VUE revamped and new logo designed - so excited.

Hi folks,
I have written in the last post that will have more good news for you, so, take a look below.

We completely revamped VUE Window Blinds website. VUE Window Blinds is a local, family run business based in Glasgow that offer a wide range of window blinds:
  1. Roller Blinds
  2. Day & Night Blinds
  3. Vertical Blinds
  4. Venetian Blinds [wooden, faux wood, aluminium, timberlux]
  5. Velux Blinds
  6. Roman Blinds
  7. Perfect Fit Blinds
  8. Intu Blinds
  9. Commercial Blinds [logo printed blinds]
So, as you may see there are more types of blinds to choose from. More over the gallery is added as well as carousel of blinds providers’ logos.
Overall website design is now more modern and user friendly, so take a look >


The most recently we designed a brand new logo for a brand new business: Pinnacle Business Water. Soon we also will develop brand new website for them, so stay connected.

The newest newsletter in full, you may see by clicking the image below:

So, in the latest newsletter we informed about latest works done, and some information about local businesses that we support such as:

Thursday, 3 May 2018

A few websites updated, business card designed

Hi folks, I’m sorry to not update you so often, but have been very busy.

Lately we updated a few websites for the following local businesses:
  • Acorn Carpet Cleaningdomestic and commercial carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning in Paisley, Glasgow and Central Scotland area. The website was lately updated, so there is new service page: Hard Floor Cleaning.
    The top menu was also changed, and carousel at the bottom was added with the Acorn Carpet Cleaning clients' logos.
    Therefore, visit the website and see the changes, maybe the new services added is something that will suit you?


      • Baltic Firewood – local firewood logs, wood pellets, kindling or Irish Peat Briquettes supplier in the whole of Scotland

              • We also made major changes to one more website – I tell more about that in the next email campaign and in here soon.


                • Of course a few email campaigns were issued, most recently, the latest two are highlighted below.
                  Click on image to see HTML email in full.





                Please subscribe to our newsletter to be up to date with our works >

                Another newsletter will be issued soon!

                Tuesday, 14 November 2017

                Some home improvement ideas for Christmas and some other useful information ;)

                Hi folks,
                You’re probably wondering what we have been up to lately. Therefore here is some update.
                Most of the time we’re spending working on the SEO services for our local businesses and also we have issued email campaign. You may see the HTML email here > or click the below image.

                We are promoting our local businesses such as Acorn Carpet Cleaning which is now based in Paisley (they moved out from Glasgow). They offer a wide range of services including:
                • Carpets and rug cleaning
                • Upholstered and leather suites
                • Deep cleaning for pet households

                So, if you want to be prepared for Christmas this is a good time to call them and book their cleaning services whenever you stay in Paisley, Renfrew, Glasgow or Central Scotland.

                We also highly recommend VUE Window Blinds – a family run company based in Glasgow (serves Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs, Scotland).  
                VUE Window Blinds now offers child safe window blinds including roman, roller and vision.
                VUE Window Blinds motorised blinds are battery operated and main powered.

                If you think about redecorating your home before Christmas the patterned window blinds are fantastic idea – why not to surprise your guest?
                For more details visit their website and give them a call: VUE Window Blinds >

                Ferguson Imaging is another local business that we truly recommend. 
                Murdoch Ferguson is on the professional photography market over 20 years now and he specialises in commercial photography but he is also astonishing in events photography.
                So, if you are planning Corporate Christmas Party then Ferguson Imaging should be your choice.

                So, we all know that the weather doesn’t spoil us at all. It is most of the time chilly outside, but for some of you Baltic Firewood quality hard logs are the solution.
                Therefore, check their website for details, since they offer also kindling, wood pellets and briquette.
                Baltic Firewood is on the market a few years now and gained a very good reputation, since both: firewood and other products and also services are great.