Friday, 28 July 2017

New website for Acorn Carpet Cleaning is launched now - rejuvenated!

Hi Folks,

As you may see from our other social media, we have been busy lately.

So, what exactly we were up to?

We designed new logo for a local, family run business: Acorn Carpet Cleaning. They were rebranding. We also designed for them new website, and you may see the website here>
Acorn Carpet Cleaning – they are the carpet care specialists and they have monthly price draw, so check their website for details (search Facebook like and share).

We have also designed two HTML emails, to promote two new websites launched lately: The GARAGE Abbeymill and Acorn Carpet Cleaning.
Click on the images to see HTML emails with all the details.

We also promoted other local, family run businesses such as: 
We also designed brad new logo for new business, but I will write about it later on – once the brand new website for this business is launched. We are also working on website amendments for one of our client's website - details soon.