Friday, 11 March 2016

The websites are performing very well, significantly improved the rankings...

Last week, we have sent a newsletter to our clients with the lates updates. The email informed about recently launched website – The Rollin Pig – or amendments done to another – Clever Frame® UK.
We have also promoted our other clients that we work on SEO services.
The websites are well optimised and perform very well in the Internet. During our SEO services the websites have improved significantly in the Google, Bing, and Alexa rankings:
You may see the email here >

As you may see from the email, all above companies offer different services or products, but I can assure you about their overall commitment and quality in both: services & products.

Web Studio Marita always supports local businesses that care about the QUALITY, since for us; it’s always the most important factor.  We care very much about final design of our websites as well as about all background stuff like quality in coddling: errors free websites, quality meta tags – in this case the websites perform very well in the Internet.

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