Monday, 22 October 2012

Avoid disappointments - choose your services provider wisely!

Lately, I have had a few interested meetings with clients, managers and co-operators. Some thoughts appeared after these meetings that might be helpful for us.

I cannot help myself thinking that for some people, saving money means to spend as little money as possible for services (that suppose to be good – well done). And after that, these people are searching for somebody that correct the previous services for as low as possible price – again. This is hardly possible, because someone, who has to correct the job previous damaged by the others, has to put much more effort to the job to make it really well done – therefore it is not a point to search for the cheapest services, because cheap & quickly done services don’t mean well done services. And after all the disappointments, people lose twice as much instead of saving money.

I'd like to compare the situation described above with leaking pipe in your bathroom. You are searching for a plumber that charges as little for his services as possible. The plumber came, repaired the leaking pipe, you paid for the service, and everything looked good for a while... After next few days pipe was leaking again. So, you asked the other plumber (let's call him No. 2) – this one, who had had a lot of experience, and had received good feedback from customers, charged more for the services, however he focused on details. So, he repaired the pipe correctly, and made sure that everything had been done correctly, and would have lasted for as long as it should. Problem solved. If you had chosen the plumber No. 2 at first, you would have been able to save money, time and trouble.

Therefore, before you choose any services – here are some advice:
  1. Take your time and think for a while. Ask yourself some questions, that you'd like to know the answers to, and do some research.
  2. Always allow the people who have knowledge and skills to design & develop your website – check them (because some of people do this job as a hobby, without professional knowledge!), check professionals as well – read 'About Us/Me' page on their website and the testimonials.
  3. Firstly, do some research – described above, and also ask e.g. your family, friends and neighbours, if they know any good professional designer?
  4. Check other websites you like, call the owners of the websites, and ask them their opinion regarding their web designer. Are they good and worth to co-operate?
  5. Try to arrange a few meetings – if possible – with potential designers of your choice, talk with them, ask as much questions as come up to your mind, ask about estimated prices, and what it's included in?
  6. Take your time, consider all advantages and disadvantages – make a proper decision.
Do your bit to avoid disappointments!

There are always options to choose from:
Option 1: Correctly coded and glowing performed website will always need much more contribution of work and as a result some more time to be very well created. Though you may pay some more for it, it’s a making money long-term-investment for your business.
Option 2: Though of course, the website might also be done fast and cheap, it will mostly be badly coded, poorly performed, and not tested. In the end, you lose your time, money and clients.

Please note: Web Studio 'Marita' ALWAYS design & develop website described in Option 1.
Choose your web designer smart – choose quality, choose Web Studio 'Marita'

Friday, 12 October 2012

Fascinating facts about emails!

EN: I have read lately a really good article on dotmailer blog written by Cliff Guy about 'emails'. It is really interesting article, contains facts about emails and how stable is this tool in times of a fast-growing technology in the field of computerization and the Internet. Fascinating facts!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Web Studio 'Marita' creates QR codes! | Web Studio 'Marita' tworzy kody QR!

EN: A new email campaign was launched lately.

The email contains information about new services provided by Web Studio 'Marita': QR codes!

Web Studio 'Marita'  has recently expanded their offered services. Now, it also creates static and dynamic QR codes that allows you to contact your clients more efficiently! QR codes include a piece of information you want to send to your customers.

More about the QR codes you may read on the email >
or on our website >

• Want to subscribe? Email us here >
• Want to see the email? Click here >
• Still do not know how does the email campaign work?
Do not worry, check some explanation here or contact us to receive more detailed information.
• For any other questions - feel free to ask!

PL: Nowa kampania e-mailowa została uruchomiona ostatnio.

E-mail zawiera informacje dotyczące nowych usług świadczonych przez Web Studio 'Marita': kody QR!

Web Studio 'Marita' niedawno rozszerzyło swoją ofertę o dodatkowe usługi: tworzenie zarówno statycznych, jak i dynamicznych kodów QR.
Kody QR pozwalają na kontakt z klientami w bardziej efektywny sposób! Zawierają one informację, którą chcesz przekazać klientom.

Więcej o kodach QR można przeczytać w e-mailu >
lub na stronie internetowej >

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