Monday, 16 November 2015

QUALITY versus quantity. Why do I care?

Why do I care about the QUALITY so much? 

I do not like be fooled, pay twice for the same thing just because these items were made without any care. I want to be sure that people care about QUALITY not quantity. I always care about QUALITY in my work (website design, SEO etc.) and I expect the same from the others. It's not a brain teaser here – we should choose wisely, and by choosing wisely I mean the QUALITY.

I also want to point out that for all my clients the QUALITY always was, is and will be very important. In these days when quantity wants to win with the QUALITY I am always on the right side: the QUALITY.

Because of the QUALITY factor I will always stand after my clients who also not compromise on the QUALITY of their services and products.

So, I truly recommend Thistle Displays – the company that has more than 15 years experience in large format printing field. They NEVER compromise on the QUALITY. They always use the highest standard of materials to make their products. Therefore, if you order the shop sign or decide to wrap your van in Thistle Displays, you can be assure that this sign or wraps on the van will last for very long time without any damages to the QUALITY.
In other words you are investing in your business. You pay once for the shop sign or for wrapping your van that will last.
From my personal point of view – it is value for money to pay once, yes probably a little bit more that other companies will ask for, rather than to pay twice for the same thing just because the QUALITY was poor. I challenge you to think about it, before you decide to order.

The other company that cares about the QUALITY is Baltic Firewood. The owner checks every single crate of firewood logs, once the hardwood logs are delivered by the main provider. Therefore, you can be assured that the firewood logs you ordered are in highest possible QUALITY as well as all other products such as wood pellets or peat briquettes.

Connect Leaflet Distribution – you probably think what they can possibly have in common regarding the QUALITY. I can assure you that a lot. Firstly, they offer leaflet design & print services that will be distributed, but at the same time they care about environment. More over by using mapping software the flyers reach the people who are actually interested, so it is not wasting time & money here. Considering the environmental point of view – it is also very important.

Ferguson ImagingMurdoch (the professional photographer Glasgow Scotland) is in the business more than 20 years and always up to date with cameras, editing software and photographs materials. He cares about the QUALITY of his photographs as much today as he cared a few years ago. He is professional photographer who knows what the QUALITY means, and his photos can easily prove it.

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A quick update what are we up to lately? A few projects running up including three responsive websites, SEO services and overall Internet Marketing.
In meantime one website was updated about Christmas stuff, so take a look on Twisted Willow website to get some Christmas decoration ideas.