Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Beautiful winter designs in Scotland

Everybody needs a break. Especially when we have a huge projects ahead, and a few smaller creative or SEO works to do. To ‘charge my own batteries‘ and have strength to work hard this week I visited Castle Semple Loch in Lochwinnoch (administered by Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park) last Sunday.

As you may see from the photos (attached below) it was worth to go, walk and enjoy.

We do not always experience winter beautiful views in Scotland; therefore, once is snowing its worth to go outside for a walk or to play with snowballs, make a snowman - whatever you chose to do to be happy.

©Photos: Web Studio Marita

Monday, 18 January 2016

Detailed summary of the works done in 2015 by Web Studio Marita

Hi folks,

We have issued an email campaign with a newsletter that summarised our last year works. Not all works were included in the newsletter, so here are more information about last year works.

As you know we have designed bespoke, responsive, mobile websites list of these websites you may find below or more detailed in the newsletter here >

Website designed in 2015 by Web Studio Marita:

Websites amendments done in 2015 by Web Studio Marita:

We also made significant changes to Baltic Firewood website a few times this year due to new product arrival: wood pellets or other product amendments.
We also designed & printed Baltic Firewood business cards. In fact we care about overall Baltic Firewood online marketing & SEO services.

Last year we updated Gramble Glass website photo galleries and promote fuse glass art via email marketing.

We also developed a mobile version of View Bank (Guest House Arran) website due to Google algorithm changes. Since April View Bank can benefits from their mobile version of the website. At present having a mobile or responsive website is essential.

The Twisted Willow website also has been updated: new photos to the wedding bouquets gallery were added.

Some small changes were done to the Connect Leaflet Distribution changes and we also care about their SEO services throughout the year.

The biggest changes; however, we have done to our own website, simply because the entire website was designed & developed from scratch. So it’s bespoke, fully responsive, and more over rebranded. Web Studio Marita since a while has brand new colours, business cards, letterheads, newsletter design etc.

SEO services done in 2015 by Web Studio Marita:

It was a good year considering SEO services for my other clients. Equally Thistle Displays as well as Ferguson Imaging and mentioned above Connect Leaflet Distribution benefit from offered by Web Studio Marita SEO services. I’m happy for both since I can truly recommend their services, since all the companies: Thistle Displays, Ferguson Imaging, Connect Leaflet Distribution care about quality of their products & services.


So, overall it was kind of creative, busy and successful year. I truly hope that 2016 will be the same or even better for us. So keep fingers crossed for Web Studio Marita