Monday, 21 December 2015

Two brand new websites have been launched recently!

Hi folks,

Yes, it’s been very busy end of the year, but how satisfying. Two brand new websites are now live and already perform well in the Internet.

The first one was launched live in November: VUE Window Blinds >
The second in December: Henderson Kilts >

We have promoted both via email campaign.
You may see the HTML email here >

As usual we also recommended other local business from Glasgow & Renfrewshire area such as:
This email campaign was the last in this year that promotes our local business; however, one more we’ll be issued soon – I’m not going to tell what will be included – you need to find out later:)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Another brand new website was launched last week - Henderson Kilts from Johnstone

Hi folks!

Another brand new website was launched last week!

We designed & developed the website for a local family-run business: Henderson Kilts >
Henderson Kilts has more than 25 years of experience in the kilts making, hire & sales, and they offer a wide range of services and products such as kilts, jackets, trousers, tartans & tweeds, accessories and more.
Just take a look on the Henderson Kilts website >

We have promoted the new website via email campaign which you may see here>

In the same email campaign we promoted the website developed in November: VUE Window Blinds >
As you probably know already, VUE Window Blinds offer wide range of window blinds as well as ‘Home Shop Service’.
Please, visit VUE Window Blinds website to find out more >

Again we recommend our local businesses, simply because we are completely sure about the QUALITY of their services and products. The recommended businesses in this email campaign were:
  1. Connect Leaflet Distribution – flyer distribution company
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Flyer & leaflet distribution
    • Door to Door – flyer & leaflet distribution
    • Hand to Hand – flyer & leaflet distribution
    • Flyer & leaflet design & print
  2. Ferguson Imaging – professional commercial photographer
    Glasgow area (Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland):
    • Commercial Photography
    • Advertising Photography
    • Studio & Product Photography
    • People & Events Photography
    • Panoramic Photography
    • Architectural Photography
    • 360° Virtual Tours
    • Environmental Photography 

Friday, 11 December 2015

New website & Christmas decoration & gift ideas

Hi folks,

A quick update, we have issued another email campaign to let you know that brand new website has been launched in November: Vue Window Blinds >

We also wanted to help you with some Christmas concerns regarding home decoration or gift ideas. Therefore; we truly recommend Graham Muir's art glass, take a look on his website, so you have an idea:

Graham makes Christmas stuff, but not only, so search galleries. You can buy off the shelf or order bespoke piece of fused glass.

We also recommended - as always - our fantastic local businesses that care about QUALITY of their products & services:
Soon, another email campaign will be issued with great news! Enjoy.

Monday, 7 December 2015

VUE - Brand new website is launched, more to come...

Hi folks, 

It’s been a while, but to be honest a lot of works has been done lately. 

As I mentioned in previous post, brand new websites are coming...
However, one website is already live!

Vue Window Blinds website was launched last week. The website was designed & developed for a local family business based in Glasgow
The Vue Window Blinds offers a wide range of window blinds from vertical to roman blinds, and more over ‘Home Shop Service’ – which is very convenient way to buy a proper, made to measure blinds.

I’m not going to reveal the themes of another two websites which will be launched soon, so please keep in touch here.

I have also promoted the Vue Window Blinds website via email campaign issued on the end of November, since I’m sure about the quality of the products & services offered by Vue Window Blinds.

I have also recommended the other local businesses that cares about the quality of their products & services:

You may see the latest issued HTML email here >

Monday, 16 November 2015

QUALITY versus quantity. Why do I care?

Why do I care about the QUALITY so much? 

I do not like be fooled, pay twice for the same thing just because these items were made without any care. I want to be sure that people care about QUALITY not quantity. I always care about QUALITY in my work (website design, SEO etc.) and I expect the same from the others. It's not a brain teaser here – we should choose wisely, and by choosing wisely I mean the QUALITY.

I also want to point out that for all my clients the QUALITY always was, is and will be very important. In these days when quantity wants to win with the QUALITY I am always on the right side: the QUALITY.

Because of the QUALITY factor I will always stand after my clients who also not compromise on the QUALITY of their services and products.

So, I truly recommend Thistle Displays – the company that has more than 15 years experience in large format printing field. They NEVER compromise on the QUALITY. They always use the highest standard of materials to make their products. Therefore, if you order the shop sign or decide to wrap your van in Thistle Displays, you can be assure that this sign or wraps on the van will last for very long time without any damages to the QUALITY.
In other words you are investing in your business. You pay once for the shop sign or for wrapping your van that will last.
From my personal point of view – it is value for money to pay once, yes probably a little bit more that other companies will ask for, rather than to pay twice for the same thing just because the QUALITY was poor. I challenge you to think about it, before you decide to order.

The other company that cares about the QUALITY is Baltic Firewood. The owner checks every single crate of firewood logs, once the hardwood logs are delivered by the main provider. Therefore, you can be assured that the firewood logs you ordered are in highest possible QUALITY as well as all other products such as wood pellets or peat briquettes.

Connect Leaflet Distribution – you probably think what they can possibly have in common regarding the QUALITY. I can assure you that a lot. Firstly, they offer leaflet design & print services that will be distributed, but at the same time they care about environment. More over by using mapping software the flyers reach the people who are actually interested, so it is not wasting time & money here. Considering the environmental point of view – it is also very important.

Ferguson ImagingMurdoch (the professional photographer Glasgow Scotland) is in the business more than 20 years and always up to date with cameras, editing software and photographs materials. He cares about the QUALITY of his photographs as much today as he cared a few years ago. He is professional photographer who knows what the QUALITY means, and his photos can easily prove it.

* * * * *
A quick update what are we up to lately? A few projects running up including three responsive websites, SEO services and overall Internet Marketing.
In meantime one website was updated about Christmas stuff, so take a look on Twisted Willow website to get some Christmas decoration ideas.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Happy client & very happy me - and more good news :)

Hi folks
It's been a while since last time I have written here. The good news is that I'm very busy. Yes, I have two websites on the desk. So, designing & coding is on everyday basis as well as SEO for my lovely clients.

The new websites are both responsive, one is done from scratch (designed & coded by me manually), and the other one based on Word Press – which means customised & re-coded. Yes, re-coding the template is most of the time necessary, if we want the results to be exactly as we wish to see them on our PCs or mobile devices. So overall working on both websites is time consuming, but I hope that the results will justify that it is worth it.

Regarding SEO, I also work on that on daily basis. Lately, I have scheduled a two successful Google Ad Words campaigns with really good result for our client. Happy client & very happy me!

I also issued email campaign with some news and to recommend our local firms. Supporting local businesses is important, simply because I also work locally (not always, but mostly).

So, see the HTML email here >

The companies that were mentioned this time on the email are:
I hope to write some good news here soon, so keep an eye on this blog ;)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Deal hunting, email newsletter, local businesses supporting and more...

Hi folks!

We are kind of busy lately: SEO & social media services, website updates, email campaign and new project is coming.

Our new business cards & letterheads arrived from printing house lately and we are happy with the results. Enlarge attached photo.

Lately we designed, coded and issued new email campaign to promote our social media involvement as well as to support our local businesses which we’are cooperating with.

Therefore, to see how to be more involved in Web Studio Marita social media deal hunting, check the previously issued email here >

The lately send email newsletter you may see here >

The local businesses that we support & cooperate with are:
I’m going to update you again soon in meantime follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for news as well as deal hunting.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Interesting lessons from our client | Rebranding – New Responsive Website – and more...

Hi folks,
It’s been awhile since I updated you, so here are the news.
We have been very busy lately working on a few projects.

What are we doing for our clients?

Starting with business cards design & printing and overall Internet Marketing for our local business Baltic Firewood. You may see printed business cards on the attached photo:

As you know Baltic Firewood is a high quality firewood logs supplier, but since a few months they also offer wood pellets! I thought that wood pellets are suitable only for biomass boilers, but appears that they can be used as horse beddings! As you may see, I also learn a lot from my clients.

We also work on SEO services for a few local companies. We like to support small local businesses - as we one of them ;) At the moment we work closely with:

    Connect Leaflet Distribution – the company also based in Glasgow, they offer flyer distribution and leaflets design & printing services. Because they are using mapping software your leaflets reach the right hands.

      Ferguson Imaging run by Murdoch Ferguson - professional commercial photographer based in Glasgow area. Example of his professional photographs you may check on his lately redesigned website.

      Deal hunting!

      We also rebrand our own business! Yes, we have changed a lot. Our new, responsive website is live since a few weeks. We also designed new letterheads & business cards that now must be printed.

      We have an official social media mascot The Brave Mouse, more about our mascot you may find on our HTML email issued lately. It’s new newsletter template designed.
      The email campaign was also prepared & sent lately. See all details on our latest HTML email>

      So, as you may see we were busy, and we still are; however, now we have our Brave Mouse to inform you on daily basis ;)

      Friday, 4 September 2015

      Why is worth to take a part in exhibition as a visitor?

      I have been at exhibition twice as a visitor and taken part in some seminars. Both events took place in Glasgow (Scotland), but these kinds of events are held all over the UK.

      I’m going to attend another two similar events in autumn and I know for sure that I won’t regret that I’m wasting my precious time. Why is that? Even so, I think that I know a lot, like really a lot, regarding SEO, Social Media or Email Marketing, each time I learn something new, because I’m attending seminars held during these events.

      I like to be up to date, and considering that keynote speakers are more experienced than me, I know that I fulfil my knowledge expectation.

      Sometimes, I take a part in seminar that seems to be not connected in any way to my profession, and then appears that I was mistaken. For example I attended a seminar regarding body language, and actually I learned a lot. Moreover this knowledge helps me in my business. I wouldn’t even think about it earlier.

      I took some photos on the last exhibition I was in Hampden Park (Expo Scotland / Social Media & Marketing Show), so I decided to put some here, so you can see how the seminars look like.

      What do you think about taking a part in exhibitions? Let me know in comments.

      Photos © Web Studio Marita

      Monday, 17 August 2015

      Some interesting news regarding search engines - good news for our SEO services clients

      Hi folks,

      What we are up to? New email campaign has been sent.
      Some interesting news regarding search engines have been post on the email that are actually very good news for our SEO services clients!
      Check the email to find out more >

      Also in this email campaign we promoted local businesses such as:
      As you know, some time ago, we asked you about opinion regarding our website. Since then, we are working hard to change our website.
      The website will be fully bespoke, responsive and coded from scratch. Soon, all will be revealed :) 

      Tuesday, 4 August 2015

      Some interesting news regarding browser usage - the leader is changed :)

      Hi folks,

      What we are up to? New email campaign has been sent.
      Some interesting new regarding browser usage has been post on the email. Yes, over several years we can notice some changes. The Internet Explorer is not a leading browser any more. To be honest we, as probably most of web developers, are kind off happy with that.

      Lately we updated our local artist website: Gramble Glass. This small company is run by Graham Muir who is creating these fabulous gifts using fused, stained glass. If you searching for gift ideas, his website may give you some. You may also order some customised gift.

      We still work on SEO services for our clients. We support mostly local businesses.

      In this email campaign we have promoted  Connect Leaflet Distribution. The company is based in Glasgow; however serve entire Scotland.

      To get more information about the company visit the website or social media pages:

      Tuesday, 14 July 2015

      Some interesting facts for railway enthusiast & more...

      We designed & issued new email newsletter to inform you - our clients & friends - about latest news.

      The latest email campaign includes information about recently updated Gramble Glass website.
      Since a while the website contains new glass art gallery, and the other galleries are also updated: new photos are added.
      Moreover, some interesting facts for railway enthusiast you can find on About us page >

      This email campaign also supported local businesses such as:
      Soon, more interesting email campaigns will be issued, so keep an eye on this page.

      Friday, 3 July 2015

      Lovely creative nature

      I have written lately a lot about creativity & creative people I know, but the most creative is nature.

      I also try to keep a balance between my work & time to relax. So, each time I have opportunity, I go outdoor, I walk a lot around my two favourite lakes such as Castle Semple Loch (Lochwinnoch) and Loch Lomond (Balloch, Luss, Tarbet).

      There is not as good summertime in Scotland as suppose to be; however, I enjoy every single sunny day:)

      I love to walk surrounded by beautiful wild flower, meadows, swans, ducks etc. There is not more inspiring things but nature.

      I’m sure that most of you agree with me that nature is the most creative designer of all & always delivers the best experiences.

      Enjoy some photos I took during my walks.

      © Photos WSMarita 

      Tuesday, 23 June 2015

      Being creative nowadays

      It’s not easy to be creative these days in a dictionary term of this word, since ‘creative’ must be everyone, simply because the job market demands it. I think that we all creative once we put our all energy, enthusiasm & heart into anything we do. It can be a graphic design, room decoration, leaflet distribution, cleaning or cooking. Whatever we do, we should put effort to do our best.

      Some people say that without a talent it’s difficult to call yourself creative person; however, I think that talented is anybody, just needs to discover in what is really good at & what makes his/her happy.

      Therefore, in assumption nowadays we all talented & creative in our own ways.

      As you know I am working lately on SEO services for a few clients that are definitely creative. Each in different field and different effort must put to do the job in the best possible way. But they all care about quality of their works.

      Thinking about leaflet design, printing & delivery, I also can see how much effort it takes to prepare entire campaign to be successful. Connect Leaflet Distribution offers all services to prepare a good campaign regarding leaflets distribution. They also use mapping software to offer the clients as good service as possible.

      The two above companies work in kind of similar area – design & printing; however, you may be creative & successful in different sector such as property maintenance.
      FRL – Property Maintenance team offers a wide range of services. They do internal & external works regarding buildings (private, commercial, and public) as well as landscaping (gardening). They also care about quality of their works, and therefore they are always recommended by their own clients.

      So, as you may see, today anybody can name yourself creative person, no matter what he/she does. The most important is if they care about quality of their works.

      Thursday, 11 June 2015

      Occupied by creative & efficient works for local businesses...

      Hi folks,
      Sorry, to not write here for a while, have been busy. SEO works occupy me every single day, but results are quite impressive – what’s the main point.

      I also issued HTML email campaign with latest news. I have asked you about help regarding our own website & brand. Not too many of you were willing to take part in our survey.
      However, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all of you who did. So, big, big THANK YOU!

      The works on a new website has started, but because I always care about my client the most, I can only work on my own website in my spare time (it means hardly ever:) ), so I think it takes a while.
      I have also one interesting website to update, but shhh:) – details soon.

      As you may see from the HTML email, a few local businesses were promoted, as we truly support local businesses instead of huge corporations. So, here they are:

      Soon, more news:)

      Friday, 22 May 2015

      Did you know that...? | Favour appreciated :)

      We are about to make some changes to our website; however, we need some opinions – from you – our most valued friends & clients. Therefore, we want to ask you to take a part with this anonymous max. of 3 minutes survey >
      Firstly, please visit our website to get the opinion >

      We also sent a few email campaigns with the link to the survey, but response is not as huge as we expected. We have asked around 300 recipients to take a part, but just a few of you participated.

      From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you all of you who participated!

      The last email campaign also supported local businesses such as:

      The campaign title was: did you know that...?
      Yes, simply because this time  the email contains some interesting facts regarding each of these companies, to see more click image or see the HTML email here >

      Tuesday, 5 May 2015

      Visibility is very important as well as content & design

      Hi folks,
      Another email campaign was launched lately to support our local businesses that we care about their websites SEO services.

      As you know SEO services are very important to make websites performing well in the Internet. It is about visibility and in consequence about money. Without visibility in the Internet the business may suffer major breakdowns. Therefore it is important to keep the website up & running.

      The content of the website is also significant as well as a design; therefore, all above points are matters here.

      Anyway, the latest email campaign supports the following companies based in Glasgow area (Scotland):

      Thursday, 23 April 2015

      Two websites updated, mobile website developed, two email campaigns launched

      Hi folks,

      A quick update what we have been up to lately. Two websites have been updated.

      Viewbank website – a mobile version of the website was developed due to Google algorithm changes. The mobile version of the Viewbank website has passed mobile friendly test supported by Google. Now Viewbank - Guest House based on Isle of Arran is fully prepared for upcoming changes.

      The second website was updated due to a new product offered by Baltic Firewood. Since a while people have asked about wood pellets, and Baltic Firewood decided to add this product to their offer. Wood pellets can be ordered directly via BalticFirewood website now.
      Baltic Firewood HTML email campaign was also prepared & launched so their clients know about the possibility to buy wood pellets. You may see the email here >

      Another email campaign was launched recently to update Web Studio 'Marita' clients about the above changes as well as about SEO services provided by us. We are delighted to say that we are working on Internet Marketing & SEO services for a few local businesses to allow them to grow.

      Here is the list of the local businesses that we support:

      Friday, 10 April 2015

      Creative, passionate and experienced people in a local market...

      Hi folks,
      Today I want to write about creative people who are passionate about their works. I’m also passionate, and in some point creative person; however, this post is not about me.

      The photos on the side show some posters printed by Thistle Displays for very special occasions & events.

      Another creative person, I can truly recommend is Murdoch Ferguson from Ferguson Imaging Photography Studio. Murdoch is passionate, creative and - what is the most important -  he’s up to date. Murdoch is on the market over 20 years! So, as you may see he is very experienced in commercial, industrial, PR or events photography.  Moreover he is invited to take photos by well known companies in Scotland, but also in entire United Kingdom and Europe. So, if you truly want to impress your own clients, invest in skilled & professional photographer.

      The photos on the side are taken by Ferguson Imaging.

      Very often when you set up a company, you need to let know your audience about your existence in the market. So, once you got your stunning brochures or leaflets with impressive photos, someone needs to deliver them. We can truly recommend a local company Connect Leaflet Distribution to do the job for you. Connect Leaflet Distribution offers leaflet printing, design & delivery. They use mapping software that allows them to reach the target audience more specifically. Therefore, if you need to be recognised in your area contact Connect Leaflet Distribution – they will be happy to help.

      It is beautiful spring time – time to rejuvenate your businesses. Therefore, do not be shy to ask professionals about help, they are always here to help you.

      Tuesday, 24 March 2015

      Mobile friendly website = Google ranking changes

      Hi Folks,
      I have lately sent twice an email campaign that contains very important information regarding changes in an algorithm for Google pages ranking.
      Most of our clients’ websites are doing very well, because we coded for them PC & mobile version of their websites. Some of our clients still must to make some decisions in this matter.

      Even so most of us do not agree with Google politics, we do not actually have any influence, so either we’ll follow their directives, either our website falls down in the ranking.  

      Contact us if you have any questions >

      Our clients’ websites that passed the mobile friendly website test:

      Wednesday, 18 March 2015

      News! Two websites updated, other local businesses promoted!

      Hi folks,
      A quick update what we up to right now. A new email campaign was sent.
      Two websites have been updated:
      Also in this email campaign were promoted other local businesses such as:
      Soon, we are going to issue another very important email campaign with some important information.

      Monday, 2 March 2015

      Brand new websites launched & local businesses promoted

      Hi Folks,

      Lately we have sent two email campaigns to inform you what we are up to, and at the same time to promote & support local businesses.

      So, the first email camping was about lately designed or updated websites. Two brand new websites were launched in February (full PC & mobile versions).

      The first one was designed & developed for an artist, oil painter – Vincent Butler.  Vincent specialises in animal paintings, mostly horses & dogs. He stays in Fife, Scotland; however, if you are interested in his paintings, he is keen to travel and paint for you.  More details you can find on his website here >

      The second website was designed for a team of professional therapists (clinical hypnotherapy, Reiki, NLP), and is called Sunlight Therapy. They specialise in safe, fast and effective weight loss system. They also are able to help you with phobias, fears, unwanted behaviours etc. I would like to recommend the services even more, once I experience the therapy.  For more details visit their website >

      The Twisted Willow - Bespoke Florist website was updated – Mother’s Day web page was added. That way the clients can be aware that they the option to order an astonishing bouquet of flowers created by Caroline especially for your loved mum. Soon, Twisted Willow - Bespoke Florist website will be updated about new photos of the fantastic bouquets created by Caroline.

      The second HTML email contains information about SEO & social media services by Web Studio ‘Marita’. At the same time we have promoted the local businesses that we closely cooperate with:
      So, as you may see is happening quite a lot at Web Studio 'Marita', and I'm going to inform you as often as possible so you are up to date :)

      Friday, 20 February 2015

      Brand New Website Has Been Launched | News & Offers

      Hi folks,
      A quick update: what is going on in Web Studio 'Marita'? Lately we have been busy; one website is designed & has been launched lately. The brand new website was designed for an animal artist (horse & dog painter) that stays in Fife (Scotland) – Vincent Butler. Vincent’s website contains his paintings gallery, and all necessarily details to contact him.

      The website was already promoted via HTML email campaign that we also created & sent recently.

      As you may see, from the email, the SEO services were also advertised in conjunction with local businesses that we work closely with:   
      We have also issued new special offers that are valid until 31st of March 2015, so do not hesitate to contact us.

      New website will be launched soon, very optimistic and colourful. I’m going to inform you about this website soon, so visit this blog often.

      To see what businesses were advertised, please click on the image that direct you to the html email.

      Here are some tips regarding email marketing:
      • Want to subscribe? Email us here >
      • Want to see the email? Click here >
      • Still do not know how does the email campaign work?
        Do not worry, check some explanation here or contact us to receive more detailed information.
      • For any other questions - feel free to ask!

      Monday, 16 February 2015

      Setting up own business is not easy; however, professionals may help

      Hi folks,
      It’s busy time at Web Studio Marita, a few projects are under construction, but we also care about local businesses SEO services, so they can survive on the local market – which is not an easy task to achieve these days.

      I’ve been thinking lately about people who want to set up a new own businesses, and in my opinion it is a good time to do so. New business owners may save some money by doing some things on their own, but...
      Yes, it is a ‘but’. Sometimes is truly worth to invest money for example in professionally design website, logo or shop signs or banners. Usually is worth to hire professional photographer to make some stunning photos that you can use to produce your leaflets or brochures. Setting up the business is difficult, but if you not invest in professionals, it can fall down at the very beginning, and then regrets appear.

      Nobody likes to visit websites that don’t look professionally, that are damaged depends on a browser they are displayed on. No one likes unprofessionally design logos or shop signs. Therefore there are design agencies that are keen to help you; even so your budget is not huge. There are always some options here.

      I can truly recommend my services (plenty of them you may find on my website here>), but also Thistle Displays which is design agency & large format printing company. Therefore they can help you with design and produce for you shop signs, posters, banners, roll up stands or coffee banners – whatever you need. Full range of products & services you may find on their website.

      If you however need professional photos, therefore I can truly recommend commercial photographer – Murdoch Ferguson that runs Ferguson Imaging studio. He offers professional services from industrial, architectural, PR, via events, advertising, and 360° virtual tours up to panoramic photography. So, if you setting up a coffee shop or model agency contact Ferguson Imaging.

      The above thoughts are connected with marketing, advertising, but you need to have in mind that the property you are leasing must also present itself. Therefore if you need to refurbish the property FRL– Property Maintenance company can help you with that. Their team include painters, plasterers, plumbers, builders, locksmiths and so on. For details check FRL website >

      Anyway, to set up own business you must to think professionally, so your brand, your company image looks also professional. Do not save money that will cost you the business. It is much better to invest more instead to regret own decisions.

      Monday, 9 February 2015

      Latest news, project, offers | Wiadomości, projekty, oferty

      EN: A new email campaign has been sent recently. This time SEO services have been featured & local businesses promoted.

      To see what businesses were advertised, please click on the image that direct you to the html email.
      • Want to subscribe? Email us here >
      • Want to see the email? Click here >
      • Still do not know how does the email campaign work?
        Do not worry, check some explanation here or contact us to receive more detailed information.
      • For any other questions - feel free to ask!
      Soon, a new campaign will be issued with more news & offers. Two new projects are coming, so stay in touch.

      PL: Nowa kampania e-mailowa została wysłana ostatnio. Tym razem usługi SEO były promowane, jak i firmy lokalne.

      Aby zobaczyć, jakie firmy były reklamowane, kliknij na obrazek obok, który prowadzi do e-maila.
      • Chcesz otrzymywać e-maile? Napisz do nas tutaj >
      • Chcesz zobaczyć email? Kliknij tutaj >
      • Nadal nie wiesz jak działa html e-mail?? Nie martw się sprawdź wyjaśnienia tutaj lub skontaktuj się z nami, aby otrzymać bardziej szczegółowe wyjaśnienia.
      • Jeśli masz jakiekolwiek inne pytania  nie wahaj sie - pytaj!
      Wkrótce nowa kamania zostanie wysłana i będzie zawierała więcej nowości i ofert. Dwa nowe projekty wkrótce będą zakończone, tak więc bądźcie w kontakcie.

      Thursday, 22 January 2015

      Lots of thing is happening at the local market & we support local businesses:)

      Hi folks, haven’t informed you for a while here. Sorry for that, have been very busy since the end of the last year...
      A few projects running at the moment, including new website, but about this I’ll write next time. I’m pretty sure that some of you will be very interested regarding new website content, as I am working on it.

      So, what’s new in Web Studio ‘Marita’? Well we have changed the Twisted Willow – Bespoke Florist website by adding Valentine’s page. Yes, Valentine’s Day is in February, but is good idea to remind you about this event earlier, so you can avoid to be punished for forgetting to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your loved one. So, you may see some ideas that Caroline prepared for you here >

      We are also working on daily basis on SEO services for a few our good clients. For example for Thistle Displays that it is large format printing company as well as design agency based in Glasgow. They served entire Scotland, UK & Europe, and they offer a wide range of products and services from bespoke graphic design to vehicle wrapping. It’s not possible to point out all products, so take a look on their website here >

      Another client is a professional, commercial photographer that is also based in Glasgow area, and he also serves Scotland, UK, & Europe. Murdoch Ferguson – because he is the professional, skilled & experienced photographer – works in the field almost 20 years! Yes, so he has a plenty of experience, but he is also up to date with all news regarding photography. Therefore if you need professional photos for your business, do not hesitate to contact him. Details you may find on his website, here >

      FRL – Property Maintenance Services website has been changed lately by Web Studio ‘Marita’, because the company branding colours has been also changed recently. So, instead of blue, now the colour is brown. The FRL – Property Maintenance Company is based in Paisley (near Glasgow) in Renfrewshire and they also offer wide range of services in a local market. So, if you want to redecorate your home, because you in the mood to do so; therefore, Robin, Frank & their team can help you with all of that. If you have problem with leaking roof or need a plumber – they are also happy to help. For contact details see their website here >

      As most of you see, the winter has come! Yes, for some of us it's the reason to be happy, since it’s less gray outside. White snow, sunny intervals – beautiful! However, the other part is worried, because they need to warm their homes. Good news is that it's not a problem, and you can order high quality firewood logs from Baltic Firewood Company. They now have a few years experience and plenty of satisfied clients. They care about their firewood logs quality as well as about their clients’ satisfaction. Moreover they deliver free in Scottish central belt area, so visit Baltic Firewood website, and order directly online the firewood logs. I’m sure you'll find something that’s suits your needs.

      All above described companies were advertised in Web Studio ‘Marita’ newsletter via email campaign, and we hope that recipients of this email have found something interesting or inspirational. Web Studio ‘Marita’ cares about local businesses and will care for a long time.