Friday, 4 September 2015

Why is worth to take a part in exhibition as a visitor?

I have been at exhibition twice as a visitor and taken part in some seminars. Both events took place in Glasgow (Scotland), but these kinds of events are held all over the UK.

I’m going to attend another two similar events in autumn and I know for sure that I won’t regret that I’m wasting my precious time. Why is that? Even so, I think that I know a lot, like really a lot, regarding SEO, Social Media or Email Marketing, each time I learn something new, because I’m attending seminars held during these events.

I like to be up to date, and considering that keynote speakers are more experienced than me, I know that I fulfil my knowledge expectation.

Sometimes, I take a part in seminar that seems to be not connected in any way to my profession, and then appears that I was mistaken. For example I attended a seminar regarding body language, and actually I learned a lot. Moreover this knowledge helps me in my business. I wouldn’t even think about it earlier.

I took some photos on the last exhibition I was in Hampden Park (Expo Scotland / Social Media & Marketing Show), so I decided to put some here, so you can see how the seminars look like.

What do you think about taking a part in exhibitions? Let me know in comments.

Photos © Web Studio Marita

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