Friday, 22 May 2015

Did you know that...? | Favour appreciated :)

We are about to make some changes to our website; however, we need some opinions – from you – our most valued friends & clients. Therefore, we want to ask you to take a part with this anonymous max. of 3 minutes survey >
Firstly, please visit our website to get the opinion >

We also sent a few email campaigns with the link to the survey, but response is not as huge as we expected. We have asked around 300 recipients to take a part, but just a few of you participated.

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you all of you who participated!

The last email campaign also supported local businesses such as:

The campaign title was: did you know that...?
Yes, simply because this time  the email contains some interesting facts regarding each of these companies, to see more click image or see the HTML email here >

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Visibility is very important as well as content & design

Hi folks,
Another email campaign was launched lately to support our local businesses that we care about their websites SEO services.

As you know SEO services are very important to make websites performing well in the Internet. It is about visibility and in consequence about money. Without visibility in the Internet the business may suffer major breakdowns. Therefore it is important to keep the website up & running.

The content of the website is also significant as well as a design; therefore, all above points are matters here.

Anyway, the latest email campaign supports the following companies based in Glasgow area (Scotland):