Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Being creative nowadays

It’s not easy to be creative these days in a dictionary term of this word, since ‘creative’ must be everyone, simply because the job market demands it. I think that we all creative once we put our all energy, enthusiasm & heart into anything we do. It can be a graphic design, room decoration, leaflet distribution, cleaning or cooking. Whatever we do, we should put effort to do our best.

Some people say that without a talent it’s difficult to call yourself creative person; however, I think that talented is anybody, just needs to discover in what is really good at & what makes his/her happy.

Therefore, in assumption nowadays we all talented & creative in our own ways.

As you know I am working lately on SEO services for a few clients that are definitely creative. Each in different field and different effort must put to do the job in the best possible way. But they all care about quality of their works.

Thinking about leaflet design, printing & delivery, I also can see how much effort it takes to prepare entire campaign to be successful. Connect Leaflet Distribution offers all services to prepare a good campaign regarding leaflets distribution. They also use mapping software to offer the clients as good service as possible.

The two above companies work in kind of similar area – design & printing; however, you may be creative & successful in different sector such as property maintenance.
FRL – Property Maintenance team offers a wide range of services. They do internal & external works regarding buildings (private, commercial, and public) as well as landscaping (gardening). They also care about quality of their works, and therefore they are always recommended by their own clients.

So, as you may see, today anybody can name yourself creative person, no matter what he/she does. The most important is if they care about quality of their works.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Occupied by creative & efficient works for local businesses...

Hi folks,
Sorry, to not write here for a while, have been busy. SEO works occupy me every single day, but results are quite impressive – what’s the main point.

I also issued HTML email campaign with latest news. I have asked you about help regarding our own website & brand. Not too many of you were willing to take part in our survey.
However, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all of you who did. So, big, big THANK YOU!

The works on a new website has started, but because I always care about my client the most, I can only work on my own website in my spare time (it means hardly ever:) ), so I think it takes a while.
I have also one interesting website to update, but shhh:) – details soon.

As you may see from the HTML email, a few local businesses were promoted, as we truly support local businesses instead of huge corporations. So, here they are:

Soon, more news:)