Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Some interesting facts for railway enthusiast & more...

We designed & issued new email newsletter to inform you - our clients & friends - about latest news.

The latest email campaign includes information about recently updated Gramble Glass website.
Since a while the website contains new glass art gallery, and the other galleries are also updated: new photos are added.
Moreover, some interesting facts for railway enthusiast you can find on About us page >

This email campaign also supported local businesses such as:
Soon, more interesting email campaigns will be issued, so keep an eye on this page.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Lovely creative nature

I have written lately a lot about creativity & creative people I know, but the most creative is nature.

I also try to keep a balance between my work & time to relax. So, each time I have opportunity, I go outdoor, I walk a lot around my two favourite lakes such as Castle Semple Loch (Lochwinnoch) and Loch Lomond (Balloch, Luss, Tarbet).

There is not as good summertime in Scotland as suppose to be; however, I enjoy every single sunny day:)

I love to walk surrounded by beautiful wild flower, meadows, swans, ducks etc. There is not more inspiring things but nature.

I’m sure that most of you agree with me that nature is the most creative designer of all & always delivers the best experiences.

Enjoy some photos I took during my walks.

© Photos WSMarita