Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mobile friendly website = Google ranking changes

Hi Folks,
I have lately sent twice an email campaign that contains very important information regarding changes in an algorithm for Google pages ranking.
Most of our clients’ websites are doing very well, because we coded for them PC & mobile version of their websites. Some of our clients still must to make some decisions in this matter.

Even so most of us do not agree with Google politics, we do not actually have any influence, so either we’ll follow their directives, either our website falls down in the ranking.  

Contact us if you have any questions >

Our clients’ websites that passed the mobile friendly website test:

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

News! Two websites updated, other local businesses promoted!

Hi folks,
A quick update what we up to right now. A new email campaign was sent.
Two websites have been updated:
Also in this email campaign were promoted other local businesses such as:
Soon, we are going to issue another very important email campaign with some important information.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Brand new websites launched & local businesses promoted

Hi Folks,

Lately we have sent two email campaigns to inform you what we are up to, and at the same time to promote & support local businesses.

So, the first email camping was about lately designed or updated websites. Two brand new websites were launched in February (full PC & mobile versions).

The first one was designed & developed for an artist, oil painter – Vincent Butler.  Vincent specialises in animal paintings, mostly horses & dogs. He stays in Fife, Scotland; however, if you are interested in his paintings, he is keen to travel and paint for you.  More details you can find on his website here >

The second website was designed for a team of professional therapists (clinical hypnotherapy, Reiki, NLP), and is called Sunlight Therapy. They specialise in safe, fast and effective weight loss system. They also are able to help you with phobias, fears, unwanted behaviours etc. I would like to recommend the services even more, once I experience the therapy.  For more details visit their website >

The Twisted Willow - Bespoke Florist website was updated – Mother’s Day web page was added. That way the clients can be aware that they the option to order an astonishing bouquet of flowers created by Caroline especially for your loved mum. Soon, Twisted Willow - Bespoke Florist website will be updated about new photos of the fantastic bouquets created by Caroline.

The second HTML email contains information about SEO & social media services by Web Studio ‘Marita’. At the same time we have promoted the local businesses that we closely cooperate with:
So, as you may see is happening quite a lot at Web Studio 'Marita', and I'm going to inform you as often as possible so you are up to date :)