Friday, 10 April 2015

Creative, passionate and experienced people in a local market...

Hi folks,
Today I want to write about creative people who are passionate about their works. I’m also passionate, and in some point creative person; however, this post is not about me.

The photos on the side show some posters printed by Thistle Displays for very special occasions & events.

Another creative person, I can truly recommend is Murdoch Ferguson from Ferguson Imaging Photography Studio. Murdoch is passionate, creative and - what is the most important -  he’s up to date. Murdoch is on the market over 20 years! So, as you may see he is very experienced in commercial, industrial, PR or events photography.  Moreover he is invited to take photos by well known companies in Scotland, but also in entire United Kingdom and Europe. So, if you truly want to impress your own clients, invest in skilled & professional photographer.

The photos on the side are taken by Ferguson Imaging.

Very often when you set up a company, you need to let know your audience about your existence in the market. So, once you got your stunning brochures or leaflets with impressive photos, someone needs to deliver them. We can truly recommend a local company Connect Leaflet Distribution to do the job for you. Connect Leaflet Distribution offers leaflet printing, design & delivery. They use mapping software that allows them to reach the target audience more specifically. Therefore, if you need to be recognised in your area contact Connect Leaflet Distribution – they will be happy to help.

It is beautiful spring time – time to rejuvenate your businesses. Therefore, do not be shy to ask professionals about help, they are always here to help you.

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