Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Some interesting news regarding browser usage - the leader is changed :)

Hi folks,

What we are up to? New email campaign has been sent.
Some interesting new regarding browser usage has been post on the email. Yes, over several years we can notice some changes. The Internet Explorer is not a leading browser any more. To be honest we, as probably most of web developers, are kind off happy with that.

Lately we updated our local artist website: Gramble Glass. This small company is run by Graham Muir who is creating these fabulous gifts using fused, stained glass. If you searching for gift ideas, his website may give you some. You may also order some customised gift.

We still work on SEO services for our clients. We support mostly local businesses.

In this email campaign we have promoted  Connect Leaflet Distribution. The company is based in Glasgow; however serve entire Scotland.

To get more information about the company visit the website or social media pages:

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