Thursday, 13 March 2014

Support your local businesses that offer high quality services & products

Have been thinking lately about our local businesses, the quality of the services or products they offer, and here it is what I think. There are a few points to consider while choosing the right company.

First one is own experience. Once you have been served the way you liked, or received the services or products you are happy with – you should stay with this company. Of course you may try to find competitors, compare the companies, and assure yourself to the right choice.

The second point – reviews. Your family, friends, neighbours can recommend you some services, simply because they are satisfied with the services received.

The third aspect: search the Internet.  Check the company website, if it's clear, nicely edited, you have no trouble to find all needed information, and moreover easily contact the business, then you are in the right place. If the website contains testimonials - read them. Check as well social media for recommendation and other business directories that can help you to be completely sure.

What made me think about it? – My recent personal experiences.

I have been in beauty salon with my friend, and on the day of our appointment, the lady in the reception firstly asked us to come back in half an hour, because of delay! She did not offer us to wait in the salon. My friend was booked on 2 pm; I was booked on 3.30, for 1 hour Swedish massage. So, it was 30 minutes break between our massages... However, do not forget that it was half an hour delay. So, my friend went on 2.30 pm for her massage. I was waiting for my turn in the salon. The other lady came for her treatment, which was – guest what – yes, the 1 hour massage. Moreover she was booked between my friend & me! I do not know how it was possible. The reception lady, first asked the new client to come half an hour later, like us. In meantime she asked me, if I agree to reschedule my treatment (???). I said: I need to speak with my friend – since she booked both massages. The reception lady insisted, I said: we’ll see. The other client came back, after half an hour, and sat next to me. She asked me: are you waiting for the massage? I said: yes, but I think it will be cancelled, because it is delay. Then she said, if you want I can reschedule my, so I thank her for this favour, and was happy that my treatment will be done. So, the nice lady re-booked her massage, and went. You do not believe, if I tell you that the reception lady said that she must to re-book my massage as well. She lied to me for the next 10 minutes - she came up with contradicted excuses. My friend massage was finished, so when she found out what just has happened she was angry & said that we never use these services in this salon again.
So, this experience just shows how easy you can lose not only 2, but many more clients if you not treat them with respect and you do not offer the highest quality of your services or products.

On the other hand, if I think for example about flower bouquets, I know for sure that I can always count on Caroline, who is bespoke florist in Twisted Willow. Thinking about the unique flowers arrangement she’s doing, I can truly recommend her services to everyone. She’s making flowers bouquets no matter what the occasion it is. Assuming that the Mother’s Day is coming, I can assure you: if you order flowers from Twisted Willow for your mum – you will make the right choice. That’s for sure.

I also can truly recommend other local businesses that I’m sure everybody can count on, like a property maintenance services. FRL Property Maintenance Services is Paisley based company, who offer wide range services such as: Decorating Services, Internal Building Works, Maintenance Services, External Building Works, 24h Landlord Support. For details visit their website here >

I need to mention here Baltic Firewood Company, since they have really impressive feedback from their customers. It is still freezing during the nights, so it is good idea to make your home warm & cosy place. Do not allow your family to freeze out. You may order high quality firewood logs from Baltic Firewood. They deliver free straight to your door. The prices of the birch logs are competitive, the service is great, and more over the quality of their hardwood (not mixed with softwood) is really high.

Summarising, if you are happy with your local businesses that offer you high quality services & products, then stay with them, support them & recommend to your friends, family & neighbours.

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